Go on an Art Adventure

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

When I was a young art student assisting with classes at a local art centre, I stood in awe of my supervisor. Her name was Jude and she was the most skilled art educator I have ever met. She could command the attention of any room, no matter how rowdy, and children absolutely adored her.

One of the most wonderful ways she would transition into an art activity was to have the kids join her in a conversation.

With a huge load of enthusiasm she would tell them that today, they were going on an adventure.

A discussion would ensue as Jude would explain to the children that they were in charge of their own plans. They would decide first of all how they would be traveling. Would it be by bus, by train, by plane, pigeon or magic carpet? Giggles would erupt. Then, she would ask where their journey would take them (outer space, under the sea, the pizza shop?) and finally, she would inquire as to who they would meet when they arrived at their destination (a friend, a werewolf, a goat?).

By the time all was said and done, the kids couldn’t wait to dig out their supplies and start creating. It was a hit every, single, time and I’ve used it often in my art classes.

I’ve always loved open-ended art projects like this because it proves how just a few simple suggestions can pave the way for so much individual creativity. In fact, I called on this experience when writing the prompts for my new book, What Can I Draw Today?, an alternative drawing book for 8 to 12 year olds. This book is filled with 100 creative nudges designed to spark imagination, build artistic skills, and help kids develop their own one-of-a-kind way of drawing.

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