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Nature Art Activities for Kids

Nature Art Activities for Kids
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Kids can get creative outside with dirt, sand, sticks and stones

By: Andrea Mulder-Slater

When the weather outside is delightful, it’s no time to craft inside.

Instead, invite (or shove) your kids out the door and encourage them to get creative with natural – readily available – materials.

Here are five ideas to get you (and them) started.


Sticks, fallen leaves, wildflowers, stones, grass and the odd found object (in our case, a scrap piece of wood left over from a construction project), can be combined to make fabulous temporary sculptures on the lawn.

Make a sculpture using natural materials. Make a sculpture using natural materials. Make a sculpture using natural materials. Make a sculpture using natural materials. Make a sculpture from natural materials.


All you need to make these cool creations is a cookie tray, some sand and a few found objects like seashells, pebbles, and dried beans and lentils. The beauty of these mosaics is – because they are temporary – kids can make them over and over (and over) again.

Sand mosaics craft for kids. Sand mosaics craft for kids.


Making sculptures out of rocks is all about balance. Simply grab some rocks, stones and pebbles and see what develops.

Rock sculptures by Jantje. Rock art sculpture


Left to their own devices, kids will sooner or later figure out that rocks can make marks on other rocks. Encourage them to experiment to see which stones create the best colours.

Drawing on rocks, with other rocks.


You don’t need a lot of supplies to paint with dirt (just add water), but if your kids are looking for something a little more colourful, you can add a little bit of water-based paint or food colouring into the mix.
Paint with mud and tempera.
Paint with mud and tempera.   Paint with mud and tempera.

Paint with mud and tempera.

Ready, set… now get outside!

This content first appeared on YMC with the title: 5 Fun Nature Based Art Activities.


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Friday 23rd of July 2021

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