Saving Your Child’s Artwork

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A common problem for parents of creative kids is what to do with all of that artwork. This article offers several tips and ideas.

We all love it, but let’s face it: There just isn’t enough room on the refrigerator.

Here are some suggestions I share with parents of my art students:

  1. Laminate art at a copy or print shop to use as place mats or bookmarks.
  2. Buy a blank craft calendar and add a piece of artwork each month to make a unique Christmas gift for a relative.
  3. Store the favorites in a portfolio your child makes using a pizza box that you let them decorate (your local pizza parlor may donate a new one to you).
  4. Scan your child’s work into your computer to print out your own note cards. Don’t forget to put the artist’s name and title on the back of the card.
  5. Devise a rotating art gallery. Each relative interested in participating gets to have a piece of art for a month, then it rotates to the next recipient.
  6. Be creative! The most important thing is to let your child know you look forward to seeing them express themselves through art.

Kids Art – Display It, Save It, Toss It
Have a prolific painter? Here’s what to do with all of the masterpieces.

Kids will have fun making one of these handy “art savers” which they can use to transport their works of art. From Charlotte Riley.

A great way to start the new year is to encourage your students to create a place for all of their clever creations.