Subscription Boxes for Curious Kids

5 Fantastic Subscription Boxes & Kits for Curious Kids


Kids can open up a box of possibilities with a monthly subscription box. Here we list our favorites.

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

If you have children, you’ll know how much they love receiving mail…

Many (many) years ago, my mom subscribed to an activity-of-the-month club she found advertised in the back of a magazine. I still remember the feeling of excitement I had while watching the mail lady pull up to the mailbox and pull a large envelope out of her car. From small paper villages that my mom and I would assemble on our family room floor, to vinyl records (remember, this was – ahem – nearly 40 years ago) featuring cheery children’s songs, I was delighted with every delivery.

Now – unlike then – there are a multitude of monthly subscriptions available, which can makes choosing one really difficult. However, to make your life a little easier, I’ve assembled my five favorites for you below.


Ages: 3 and up

Animal Trackers

The first Animal Trackers kit includes a club lunchbox, an African Savanna info card, a cover and ring (to hold monthly cards), an art project and an activity. Each subsequent monthly package includes an Animal Trackers Club Information card with information about the featured animal of the month. Your child also receives a magnet to add to their lunchbox, a foam animal dress-up mask, and a realistic, hand-painted animal play figurine. In addition, a Safari Animal Tracks card (a real photo of the monthly animal and its animal tracks) is also included as is a monthly packet will learning activity and art project.

Price range: $11.95 to $167.00. You can order a single kit or choose a 3, 6, 12 or 15 month subscription.

Check it out: Animal Trackers Club

For Budding Scientists

Ages: 5-12yrs

Magic Schoolbus

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”
The words of Ms. Frizzle come to life in the Magic School Bus (by The Young Scientists Club) monthly kits which contain cool experiments based on various themes. Each package contains a 12-page full color teaching manual, materials and information required to complete interactive experiments and access to an online clubhouse where kids can find further information. My daugher LOVES these kits and we are sad to almost be at the end of our subscription. If you have children who like to know how things work, this kit is for you (and them).

Topics include: Acids and Bases, Air, Bacteria and Fungi, Fossils, The Human Body, Lights, Rainbows and Mirrors, Magnets, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Stars and Planets, Water, Volcanos and Weather Station.

Price Range: $19.99 (for a single kit) to $240.00 for a 12-month subscription.

Note: The Young Scientists Club often runs special offers (as low as $120 for a 12-month subscription) with various partners so be sure to contact them to find out about discounts before you place your order.

Check it out: Magic School Bus Science Kits

For Wannabe World Travelers

Ages: 3-5yrs, 6-10yrs and 7-12yrs (depending on kit)

Little Passports

Little Passports co-founders Amy Norman & Stella Ma have come up with ingenious products designed to teach kids about the world around them. First, you select the adventure and subscription plan that’s right for you and your child. Then you wait for a new box to arrive every month. It’s like Christmas all year round 🙂

Early Explorers has been designed for 3-5 year olds. The first kit includes a cute orange suitcase, a wall-sized world map, a 20 page activity book, a luggage tag and stickers and a photo. Monthly boxes feature different themes and feature a booklet, souvenirs, flashlight adventures, trading cards, letters, photos, stickers and luggage tags. Themes include: Landmarks, Music, Animals, Oceans, Coins, Dinosaurs and more.

World Edition is for kids ages 6-10yrs. First, your kids will receive a box which includes a blue suitcase (my kiddo LOVES hers!), a passport, wall-sized world map, a welcome letter from guides Sam and Sofia, stickers, photos and activity sheet and access to online games. After that, each month a new box will arrive with letters, souvenirs (like a dig kit from Egypt), activity sheets (like a scratch art kit from Australia), stickers (for the suitcase), passport and map and photos.

USA Edition is just right for children between the ages of 7 and 12yrs. The first kit contains a USA Field Guide, USA Scratch Book, a wall-sized map, a welcome letter from new pen pals and a disposable camera and photo scavenger hunt project. After that, your kids can expect to receive information on two new states each month by way of a 32-page activity-packed state journal, stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access to more information and activities online.

Whichever package you choose, your kids will learn about geography and the world around them in a fun, hands-on way.

Price Range: Early Explorers – Between $13.95 and $15.95 per month. World Edition – Between $11.95 and $13.95 per month. USA Edition – Between $11.95 and $13.95 per month.

Check it out: Little Passports Shop

For Young Artists

Ages: 5-12yrs

Doodle Post

The Doodle Post‘s founder Erin is a graduate of Queen’s University where she studied art and art history. She also taught art for 9 years in schools, libraries and art centres. Bottom line, she understands how important creative activities are for kids.

The supplies contained in each Doodle Post kit are high-quality, Canadian (wherever possible) materials which makes me love them even more! Additionally, a percentage of The Doodle Post’s profits go to supporting Canadian art programs for kids including: free kits to schools in need and complimentary after school art programs.

If you’ve got a crafty kiddo, you will want to share the joy of creativity with them by setting them up with a subscription to The Doodle Post.

Price Range: $12 for a Loot Bag. $20 for a Camp Care Package. $36 – $100 for a subscription. You can choose a 3, 4, 6, 9, or 12 month subscription.

Check it out: The Doodle Post

For Kids Who Love to Play

Ages: 3-8yrs

Bramble Box

Bramble Box is a small, family-run business started by Morna, a Pennsylvania mom of two.

The hand-packed monthly subscription boxes and pretend play prop boxes contain themed materials designed to encourage kids to step into a make-believe world while building essential skills including social and emotional, language, problem solving and gross and fine motor skills. Activity ideas are also included for additional inspiration.

I LOVE the available themes which include: Post Office, Veteranarian, Gardener, Ice Cream Shop, Wizard, Doctor and Superhero.

Price Range: $25 to $276. You can order a single kit or choose a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

Check it out: Bramble Box

5 Fantastic Subscription Boxes & Kits for Curious Kids

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