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*Swirly Bird Nests

Children can make a textural drawing of a bird nest with eggs using a few simple supplies.

April Fool’s Day Dinner

Do your kids balk when it comes to eating their peas and carrots? With this April Fool’s Day meal, they’re in for a sweet surprise.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Use coffee filters and watercolours (or washable markers) to make one-of-a-kind flowers.

Crayon Resist Eggs

This is a simplification of a wax resist egg. All you need to do is draw on your egg with crayon before dipping it into the dye.

Floral Egg Holders

Use paper rolls to make fun flowers that are perfect for serving eggs during Easter brunch.

Footprint Chicks

Students will use their own footprints to make baby chicks. These are so cute!

Glitter Eggs

Kids love glitter so why not use this art material to make fancy Easter Eggs?

Grass Head Guy

Using a nylon stocking and some grass seed, your students will see how fast grass grows.