Christmas Crafts

Glitter Ball Ornament

Nothing says Christmas like glitter glue! Use glitter to create this fun ornament.

Handprint Angel Craft for Kids

Children will enjoy using their own handprints to create paper angels. All you need is construction paper, scissors and glue.

Holiday Tree Craft

Kids and adults can make these cute holiday trees using cut paper and craft sticks.

Kinara for Kwanzaa

Kids can learn how to make a kinara craft using paper, to celebrate Kwanzaa.

Kripp Craft

In Austria, the entire month of December is a celebration with December 5 marking the beginning of the season. A Kripp is an Austrian Christmas tree ornament.

Light Bulb Santa

This ornament is a classic and can be designed in your own special style. In our creation, you’ll find that you only need a small handful of supplies to create this whimsical Santa!

Pine Cone Elf

Kids can make a cute Christmas elf using a pinecone and assorted found objects.