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Classroom Party Ideas

Have you been asked to be in charge of the next classroom party at your child’s school?  No problem.

Creating the Mood of Creativity

I have found that even though making art is sometimes an active physical activity it doesn’t hurt to define the time or enhance the mood for creativity.

Creative Spaces for Kids

Here’s how to set up a creative space for your kids at home whether you have an entire room to spare or just the kitchen table, these tips are for you.

Drawing with Mark Kistler

How you can use Mark Kistler’s book, Draw Squad, to teach your students or children how to draw.

Drawing with Mona Brookes

How you can use Mona Brookes’ book, Drawing with Children, to teach your students or children how to draw.

Easter Egg Clues

We have several printable Easter Egg hunt clues for big and little kids.

Find Amazing Recycling Ideas on Kuttlefish

At the heart of Kuttlefish is the basic idea that reusing or recycling a material is good – that materials are worth something, even after they are thrown away. Find out all about them, here.

First Week of School Icebreakers

The first days and weeks of school can be exciting and terrifying, all at once. Arming yourself with a few “getting to know” you exercises can help ease you and your students into the next school year. Below we have listed some ideas contributed by you, our readers. If you have an Icebreaker Idea to share, visit our Contributor’s Page.

Help Your Child Learn to Write Well

Helpful hints and tips, and pointers for parents so their children can look at the world with an eye for expression and thought through writing.


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