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Draw and Paint a Sea Turtle

Draw and Paint a Sea Turtle
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by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Sea turtles are large, air-breathing reptiles that live in oceans all over the world.

In this lesson, children will learn how to draw and color a sea turtle making its way across a sandy beach, into the water.

A link to a video lesson is included in this package.

Note: This is a KinderArt Club Bonus Art Lesson

What You Need:

  • Heavy drawing paper (Sulphite) 9″ x 12″ or larger
  • Black permanent markers (Sharpie)
  • Oil pastels and/or crayons
  • Liquid tempera paint (optional)
  • Paintbrushes (optional)
  • Messy mats (optional)

What You Do:

Gather your materials and follow the step-by-step instructions found in the downloadable lesson plan.

Or, watch the 36 minute how-to video!

Video Lesson:

Downloadable PDF:


Sunday 18th of September 2022

Excellent lesson as per usual with KinderART... so rich and dynamic !! thank you

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