Farm and Baby Animals Coloring Pages

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(13 Pages) Baby animals coloring pages, including farm animals such as cows, pigs, horses, lambs, roosters, chicken and ducks.

Note: These pages may only be used for personal, non-commercial use.

Teachers… feel free to reproduce these pages for classroom use.

Below please find a growing list of free, one-of-a-kind printable crafts and activities for kids of all ages, created by KinderArt.

Printable pages are presented as .pdf files.

Cow and Barn

Pig and Piglet #1

Pig and Piglet #2

Cow and Calf #1

Cow and Calf #2

Horse and Colt (or Filly) #1

Horse and Colt (or Filly) #2

Sheep and Lamb


Rooster and Chick

Hen and Chick

Duck and Ducklings

Duck and Two Ducklings

Although fun to work with, coloring pages should be used carefully with children – especially those in the younger grades. Most importantly, children should be allowed to express themselves freely even if using a coloring page. The goal is not to color within the lines, choose colors that are “correct” or even to follow the image in the coloring page at all. Quite often children will be inspired by whatever they see on the coloring page and it will send them on their own creative path. Never judge a child’s coloring abilities. The objective should be fun and play for learning… not to “fill in the color blanks”.