Make Your Own Slime – Glurch

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Homemade slime – or glurch –  is a gooey modeling material that kids love. Here’s how to make it!

By Linda Hanson

What You Need:

  • White glue (ie: Elmer’s)
  • Water
  • Borax
  • Food colouring (optional)

What You Do:

Mix: 2 cups of white glue with 1 1/2 cup water. Stir thoroughly.

In another bowl, mix 1/3 cup warm water and 2 tsp Borax soap.

Pour the Borax/water mixture into the glue mixture and stir.

Pull out the “glurch” as it coagulates.

Mix another solution of water and Borax and pour into the remaining glue mixture.

Let sit.

Drain off any excess water.

You may want to add food coloring to the mixture.

Do not put on paper towels.

Store in a sealable plastic bag.

This is much more fun than playdough. You and squeeze it, roll it, cut it with scissors, color on it with markers, drape it over anything and it will take that shape (fun with plastic animals). Just put it away for another fun day when you are done. Be sure and seal the bag or it will slither out. It comes out of hair and off carpets. The older it gets, the harder it becomes.