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Sawdust Clay Recipes for Kids

Sawdust Clay Recipes for Kids
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This clay has a consistency of wood when dry.

Two recipes to make clay using sawdust.

What You Need:

  • sawdust
  • wallpaper paste
  • water

What You Do:

Mix the dry wallpaper paste with the sawdust (2 parts sawdust to 1 part wallpaper paste).

Add water slowly until you have a thick mixture.

Make shapes and let dry overnight.

You can sand the finished products and paint or stain them.


Alternate Sawdust Clay Recipe:

  • 1 1/2 cups sawdust
  • 1 1/2 cups soap flakes (if you can’t find soap flakes at the store, make some by shredding a bar of Ivory® soap into flakes).
  • water

Add small amounts of water to soap flakes and mix together until you have a thick mixture. Whip the soap until fluffy and stiff. Add the sawdust. Model the mixture into shapes and let dry for a few days.


Sawdust clay image: Miss Lindsey’s Playschool. Find all sorts of wonderful art and craft ideas here!

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