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  • Pysanky drawing lesson for children. Drawing Pysanky – Ukrainian Easter Eggs- What You Need: Black paper Oil pastels What You Do: Show students examples of Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs).  You can use this website as a reference: A pysanka (plural: pysanky) is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. The designs are not painted on, but instead are... Read more »
  • Make Origami Bookmarks Origami Bookmarks- 6 Fold Bookmarks When you think of origami, you probably think of complicated paper cranes and intricate folds. But origami can be very simple and easy for anyone, even young children! Personal Creations has created printable templates to help you and your little ones make origami bookmarks for your favorite stories! They only have 6... Read more »
  • Creative Cursive Art Lesson Plan for Middle School Creative Cursive- What You Need: 1) a heavier paper (think: watercolor) 2) crayola -or another watercolor based- broad cone-tip markers 3) optional: fine tip sharpies 4) gallon size zip lock baggies (pinch a penny: cut them in half! You need the broad side intact, so cut down the sides and across the bottom) What You Do: This... Read more »
  • 10 Minutes to an Organized Arts and Crafts Space- If This Was Your House, I’d Be Embarrassed for You There was a time when a few pretty baskets and a couple of coffee cans were enough to contain my child’s arts and crafts supplies. That was then. Now, I’ve become an unwilling expert in a new, bewildering math process known as multipladdition. It works... Read more »
  • Bird's Eye View Dandelions Bird’s Eye View Dandelions- What You Need: 9 X 9 piece of green construction paper oil pastels (or, construction paper crayons) What You Do: Follow the photo instructions to see how to “build” the image. Start by drawing a series of lines which all meet in the middle of the paper. Next, add dandelion heads. Start with light yellow... Read more »
  • Clover Colors Art Lesson Clover (or Shamrock) Color Mixing- What You Need: Square (or rectangular) Paper (Sulphite or Watercolor) Watercolor paint Paintbrushes Water and containers Black permanent (Sharpie) markers (or black crayons or black oil pastels) What You Do: Draw a border on your paper. Don’t worry if it is perfectly straight. Use permanent marker or crayon or oil pastel — your choice. Draw... Read more »
  • Name Color Wheels- What You Need: Paper Rules Pencils Marker (black) Paint or markers What You Do: 1.  Using a ruler and a pencil (drawing lightly), divide the paper into 6 parts (as per examples) 2.  Students center their names (using pencil) in block lettering. 3.  Students then outline their names in black marker. 4.  Color each each... Read more »
  • Color Mixing with Grades 3-5-
  • How To Create Your Own Plant Terrarium- Terrariums Terrariums are miniature gardens grown inside a sealed glass or plastic container. Making a terrarium is an easy and fun way to grow your own garden anywhere. Learn about the water cycle by watching how water evaporates, condenses, and “rains” down the walls of your jar to moisten the plants inside. Make a terrarium... Read more »
  • Mondrian for Little Ones- Piet Mondrian for Preschoolers (and Beyond) I’ve always been fascinated with the primary colors and geometric lines of Piet Mondrian’s neo-plastic paintings. Mondrian was one of the most important artists of the 20th century. His abstract designs have had a huge influence on graphic design, architecture, and interior design. He was best known for his... Read more »