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Come here often? If so, you will appreciate this page which shows you the most recent additions to KinderArt.

  • Penguins on Ice - What Shall I Paint is the title of an Usborne book, one of several that I own.I love the colorful illustrations and the kid centered projects in this book. I am also drawn to those ideas that will get kids “out of the box” in their artistic thinking. I enjoy using materials that wouldn’t normally... Read more »
  • Polar Bear Portraits Polar Bear Portraits - What You Need: black construction paper blue construction paper white cartridge paper white chalk black and white oil pastel black charcoal chalks (optional) What You Do: Using white chalk on black construction paper students use the sides of their chalk to rub a round shape for the head and a body. Two smaller circles make... Read more »
  • Reindeer Portraits Reindeer Portraits - What You Need: Sulphite paper Pencils Oil Pastels (black) Tempera Paints Brushes Water   What You Do: Start with pencil and then go over your lines with black oil pastel. Place a finger at the bottom of the paper and trace both sides to make the neck. Using your opposite hand as a guide for... Read more »
  • Sea Life Snowflake Patterns *Sea Life Snowflake Patterns - By the Sea… At KinderArt, we live near the ocean and because of that, we spend a fair amount of time exploring the shoreline, always finding lots of inspiration near (and in) the water. To celebrate our seaside home, my husband (artist Geoff Slater) decided to create a series of fun marine life snowflake patterns... Read more »
  • The Doodle Post Get Creative with The Doodle Post - Surprises by Mail Erin Wynn is a Canadian mom, who – I’ve recently discovered – grew up practically down the street from me. Erin has has many years experience working with children and because she was a fine arts major at university, she also knows a thing or two about creativity. Her creative energy can... Read more »
  • Overlapping Shapes Art Lesson Plan Overlapping Shapes - What You Need: Paper Pencil Markers What You Do: The directions for this project are simple. 1) Ask children to draw a variety of overlapping shapes. 2) Then, encourage them to fill in the blanks with a variety of colors. I distinguish between three types of shapes:  Geometric; Organic (that found in nature); and Free-form.  Some... Read more »
  • Color for Calm Contest Color for Calm - Color for Calm We are celebrating National Coloring Day  this year by partnering up with Healthline in their Color for Calm contest. The  contest is meant to shine a light on mental health by promoting the therapeutic  effects of coloring for stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health  conditions. Starting on August 2nd, you can... Read more »
  • Paint and Marker Flowers Paint and Marker Flowers - What You Need: Tempera paint (or watercolor paint) Brushes For tempera, use poster paper or 80lb Sulphite drawing paper. For watercolors, use watercolor paper (90lb student quality is fine but you can use a heavy weight poster paper as an alternative) Black Sharpie markers (permanent markers work the best but washable Crayolas will also do... Read more »
  • Which art paper should I use? Which Art Paper Should I Use? - Many Projects, Many Papers There are a multitude of paper options out there and here I have listed the most popular choices.  I always prefer buying paper in large sheets and tearing or cutting them down into manageable sizes. To do this, I use a metal ruler/straight edge, or a mat cutter. BRISTOL BOARD  Otherwise... Read more »
  • Classroom Management Tips for the Art Room Classroom Management using Love and Logic - Love and Logic When I was first introduced to the principles of the Love and Logic method, I was immediately attracted to its simplicity and sensible approach to classroom management. Although there is much that could be said about the Love and Logic philosophy, I believe they are encapsulated in the four following principles. 1.... Read more »