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Eric Carle Animals

Students will read the Eric Carle book Animals, Animals. They will then identify different animals, research their chosen animals and write about their animals. This lesson incorporates social studies, science, technology, art and the writing process.

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Footprint Chicks

Students will use their own footprints to make baby chicks. These are so cute!

Hatching Chicks

Learn how to make a tiny hatching chick using cotton balls, glue and plastic Easter eggs.

Heart Mice

Kids can make mice using heart shapes.

Origami Bookmarks

Instructions and printable templates you can use to make your very own origami bookmarks.

Paint Pot Pals

When your kids have finished off the paint in those little plastic containers, what do you do with them? Throw them away? Use them for more paint? Store tiny items in them? How about making these darling little magnets!