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Join The KinderArt Club, for Premium Art Lesson Plans.

The KinderArt Club

The KinderArt Club

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

I’m Andrea, co-founder of KinderArt and The KinderArt Club.

I’ve been teaching art for more than 25 years and developing art curriculum for nearly that long.

My first foray into the art room was as a last minute fill-in for an absent teacher. I was in my early twenties and found myself teaching sculpture to 35 fourth graders with little to no supplies.

It was definitely trial by fire!

Not long after, my mom and I began teaching art at a local art gallery where money was tight and supplies were limited. I can’t tell you how many times we walked into the art room, only to find another instructor had made off with the basket of paints we were planning to use that day.

Talk about having to think on your feet.

Today, after teaching art to more than 5500 children and 15,000 adults in public and private school classrooms, art galleries, my own art studio and – more recently – as a homeschooling mom, I know what works in the art room and what doesn’t.


Here’s What I Know for Sure

● Engaged children are happy children and happy children mean happy teachers and parents.

Creative activities are essential to childhood.

● Many students who falter in regular classes, excel when they have a chance to express themselves creatively.

● Art helps children develop problem solving skills while building new ideas.

Children need opportunities to explore.

● With the right lesson plans, kids will learn the elements of art and principles of design, naturally and organically.

● If busy teachers and parents have access to easy to follow lesson plans, it makes teaching art much more enjoyable… and effective.

Enter… The KinderArt Club…

The KinderArt Club is an online membership portal featuring art lesson plans designed for children ages 5 to 12 years. The club is for Art Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers, Art Studio Owners and Volunteers.

How does the club work?

The KinderArt Club is a membership site where you are given access to an online portal where lesson plans and other teaching materials are made available as PDFs. You can choose to pay monthly or annually and once you enroll, you will have instant access to all the materials inside the club, including exclusive lesson plans for children in K-5 (5-11yrs).

The art lessons are grouped into Packs or Bundles and are added inside the membership site. Each pack is based on a theme or an artist and they are typically alternated. So, one month you will receive a pack with art lessons based on a theme (like winter, transportation, the weather, clay, or outer space, for example) and the next month you will receive a pack with art lessons based on an artist (like van Gogh, Calder, da Vinci, Monet or Rembrandt).

There are also how to draw lessons, monthly bonuses, art resources, worksheets, sketchbook starters/early finisher cards and more inside the club. In addition, as a club member, you will have access to our super caring and creative community where you can share, ask questions and learn.

Will the club really help me teach art to children?

Yes! It will, and the reason I know is because I’ve been teaching art to children of all ages, (5,500 kids – as an artist-in-the-schools, an art teacher, an art studio owner and a homeschooler) for 25 years, so I know what works in the art room, and what doesn’t. And because I’m an artist, I know how to nurture and encourage creativity. Since 1997, through my KinderArt website, I have spoken with and helped millions of teachers and parents teach art to their children and students and their feedback has been invaluable. With the club, I take the overwhelm out of teaching art and I do all the legwork for you, so you can focus on your kids, instead of spending hours planning lessons.

What makes The KinderArt Club different from other art lesson sites or memberships?

The difference is me!

Join the KinderArt Club!

I decided to create The KinderArt Club, because I wanted to design a resource where teachers and parents could find the kind of help I wish I had when I was first starting out.

I wanted to simplify the process of teaching art to children.

It isn’t our job to “build” creative children, but rather to encourage their natural inclination to be creative. My passion lies in helping adults bring out the natural abilities in children, (even if they don’t consider themselves artists).

As such, my detailed child-tested, teacher-approved lesson plans are easy to implement, and are guaranteed to promote creative exploration in small or large group settings. Most of all, the lessons are effective because they encourage individuality.

What is The KinderArt Method?

This method focuses on individual creative exploration. With that in mind, my lessons are designed to be adaptable, meaning you can use them for a wide range of ages and abilities. In this way, you can cover the same skills and techniques with all your students, while giving them the freedom to learn at their own level. So, instead of prepping for a multitude of lessons for all of your classes, you only need to prep for one.

What are the membership options?

You can sign up on a month to month basis or you can pay for the entire year. The yearly option gives you two months free.

And it’s all available for less than 60 cents a day for monthly subscribers, (less than 50 cents a day for yearly members).

If I join, am I locked in for life?

Absolutely not! All memberships to The KinderArt Club are charged on a recurring basis (monthly or yearly). If you decide to cancel, you can do so before your renewal date and you won’t be charged again.

Are others happy with their choice to join The KinderArt Club?

They sure are…

“The KinderArt Club is phenomenal! The lessons are fresh, dynamic, fun and totally unique.”
Kara S., Art Teacher

“I love The KinderArt Club! I get compliments all the time on my classes. Thank you!”
Mary W., Art Teacher

“What would I do without all your wonderful ideas?”
Susan J., Art Teacher

“I’m just loving the opportunity to do work / play / create!”
Yvonne H., Homeschooler

“Our classes have students from kindergarten through grade 6 at any one time so I was looking for projects that could be scaled up or down to suit the grade level. And that’s what I like about the club. The artist based projects, and the drawing step-by-step won me over.”
~Robyn T., Administrator

“Thanks for creating the KinderArt Club. I am a Montessori teacher teaching two art classes for elementary kids grades 2-5. So this is a fabulous resource for me.”
~Helen H., Teacher

“I’m so pleased. I’ve been teaching 3rd and 4th in the general ed classroom and this is my first year teaching K-5 art. So your plans are a HUGE relief, giving me good quality leveled projects that begin with the elements of art.”
~Kathryn, Teacher

“We love our membership to The KinderArt Club! I highly recommend it!”
~Katie B., Homeschooler

How Can I Join?

You can become a member of the club anywhere, any time. You can also send me a message – any time – with any questions you might have about the club.





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