Drawing Bugs in Jars


Students will draw pictures of jars containing bugs.


Children will learn to look at the details of bugs and plants as they learn about symmetry and asymmetry.

What You Need:

  • large white paper
  • crayons (or pencil crayons or markers)
  • black markers
  • jar pattern (optional) Older children can do quite well drawing their own jar.

What You Do:

  1. Show children a variety of bug and plant drawings.
  2. Teach children to look at the bugs from the top (symmetric) and from the side (asymmetric).
  3. Have them draw a bug jar with pencil (younger children can use a pattern for this).
  4. Have children draw bugs and plants, and a bug setting in their bug jars.
  5. Next children go over pencil lines with black markers.
  6. Finish with each child coloring their project with crayons, pencil crayons or markers.

More Information

Of or exhibiting symmetry.

Exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis.

Having no balance or symmetry.

Bug Jars drawing lesson for kids

Bug Jars drawing lesson for kids


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